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Samantha Rae
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A B O U T * M E

Name: Samantha Rae
Age: 23
Location: California, USA

Well, I'm a 23 year-old who is still trying to find herself in this world. I'm currently trying to get through college and attempting to find out what I want to do with the of my life.

My family 'adopted' two Golden Retriever puppies Four years ago (see their picture gallery!), of which I spend most of my time with. I love them so much... even if sometimes they drive me crazy.

Q U O T E * O F * T H E * M O N T H

July: "A man always has two reasons for doing something:
a good reason and the real reason."~ J.P. Morgan

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Please dont friend me just because you like my icons. Make sure that we have at least a few things in common, before you add me to your friends list. If you like me because of the icons I make, friend my icon journal, not me. Thanks. ^__~

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M I S C . * I N F O

Many of you may be wondering what my user name means. Well, the 'Cowboy' part, is for Jack Kelly (Newsies) and the 'Slightly' part is for Peter Pan's Lost boy, Slightly Soiled. Therefore, combining to make 'Cowboy_Slightly.'

You can check out my fanlistings here if you feel so inclined. ^_^

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Visit my icon journal @ slightly_icons. Hope to see you there!


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